Collection: Koh Gen Do

Born in Tokyo and raised on movie sets around the world, Koh Gen Do combines the planet’s most precious botanicals with Japanese skincare technology to nourish and protect your complexion’s natural ability to regenerate and thrive.

In 1986, a celebrated Japanese actress became concerned about her stressed skin. Depleted from hours spent in heavy makeup each day, her skin lacked the fresh glow she craved. Inspired by her need and the deeply rooted skincare traditions of her country, she began work on a line of pure and healthy skincare designed to deliver radiant skin on and off-screen. Soon she extended the benefits of skincare into a color cosmetics line and the iconic, red-tubed Moisture Foundation was born.

Over thirty years later, Koh Gen Do remains a favorite among professional makeup artists and can be found regularly on the sets of blockbuster movies. The secret to success on screen and off is simple: healthy, dewy skin enriched with natural essences looks as fresh on camera as it does in life.